It’s that time of year again, where I get to spend a couple of weeks in front of my laptop, pouring over numbers and wondering is saving a bit of money really worth this much effort?

It is, of course, it just doesn’t feel it at the time.

My ‘new customer’ deal ran out recently, and, having rang up to see if there were any offers I could take advantage of (hint: there weren’t), it’s time to jump ship and find something cheaper. This year I thought I’d try something a bit different – I’m looking for no down payment car insurance. Which is similar to no the very cheap car insurance no deposit I talked about before; but not exactly the same. The coverage on no down payment auto insurance is much better. Which is something I decided I need, even if it’s a bit more expensive. Especially since I moved to Texas, and car insurance in Texas is a lot more important. When I lived in Georgia, finding the cheapest auto insurance in ga was my number one priority, but things have changed as you know if you’ve been reading the blog. I did some googling and found a great place to get insurance quotes by the way; here it is if your interested:

We had a bit of a problem with the plumbing in the house, so had to spend a bit out of pocket to get that fixed. I don’t have as much money available as I usually might, so I really want to avoid down payments. I haven’t had a policy like this before, so it’s a bit different. I was concerned that it might be difficult to find, or that they might not cover as much. Luckily, that’s not the case! The main difference is the monthly cost, but I’m less worried about that because I’ve found a couple of great new customer deals I can take advantage of.

My husband is the sort of person to find a good sounding deal, think ‘eh, might as well’, and just go with that one. I’m a bit fussier – I like to know that I’ve got the best deal I can find, even if it means I’m taking a bit longer to do that. Sometimes I envy how laid back he is, but then I know he appreciates the extra money I manage to save here and there.

I’ve managed to narrow it down to a few no down payment car insurance policies. I know it can all be done online these days, but I like being able to speak to people and ask questions about the claim process, and see how good their customer service is too. I did my initial searches online here:; but now I’ve got this shortlist, I’m going to spend next week ringing them up and narrowing it down more. Plus, I might get lucky and be able to persuade them to knock a bit extra off for me – you’d be surprised how much luck I’ve had with that in the past!