Okay, so I’ve been overpaying for car insurance for a long time but I’ve been to lazy to do anything about that.

But today was different, I did something I should of done a long time ago. Found a new insurance provider.

I;ve been with the same insurance company for over 6 years, and every single year my rates have been going up. For no reason at all!

And every year I say ” I’ll find a new insurance company”.

Well I finaly did it. I found a great site: autoinsurancemonkey.com. I used it to find cheap auto insurance in NJ.

I was able to bring down my insurance cost by about 33%. Amazing savings for the time it took me to get a quote, talk with an agent and change providers.

Now I feel bad for not doing this years ago. I would have saved thousands of dollars over the years if I did this before.

So my advice to you: Compare insurance today!