Why I Joined the Extreme Couponers Group

There are many things in life that I will bargain shop for but when it comes to my wedding, I’m not cutting any costs. My fiancé and I are tying the knot in eight months and because we are paying for the entire costs of the wedding, we have made major cutbacks in many areas of our life. This is only a temporary change to afford us a beautiful ceremony on the day we start our life together. So, we both think it’s absolutely worth it.

There is one change, however, that we both find to be working out really well and we may just continue this one long after the wedding. Extreme coupon is an addiction that pays you guys. For years, I would see people in the grocery stores with binders, two shopping carts and lists galore. It was a bit annoying I thought but now, I’m one of those people. In our attempts to save money, we both thought we’d try couponing and believe it or not, even my fiancé finds it to be rewarding. We grocery shop once every two weeks and spend about $55 monthly on groceries and household goods. We always eat in and therefore, cook a lot. The savings are massive.

I joined an extreme coupon group, purchased very cheap car insurance no deposit and we both terminated our gym memberships and work out on our own. We’ve managed to save about $575 extra per month, thanks to these changes. If we continue on this path, we will have saved more than $10,000 for our wedding. It’s a great feeling to know that we accomplished this through discipline and learned a few things along the way. In addition to those savings, I’ve started a coupon group that I manage and have my first class on next Saturday. I am accepting 15 people and already 12 have pre-registered at a cost of $30. This is yet another contribution to our savings plan and with any luck, it may be an extra stream of income for me as well. The very cheap car insurance no deposit was a very nice and quick saving. Recommend signing up for coupon groups on facebook to find good deals like this.

I initially started the group and purchased very cheap insurance no deposit because I needed to save money but now, I think it’s become a way of life for me and my future spouse. We want to start a family soon and with the stockpile of household goods we have, we’ll definitely have enough detergent for those baby clothes and spills. I don’t need i’ll have to go to loan places near me anymore!