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This is a personal finance blog. I’ll be tracking my investments on this blog and trying to become financial independent.

You might be thinking whats financial Independence?

It’s not having to work! Financial Independence is when your investment income is high enough that you can live off your investments. Here’s an example of how it works:

You save 1 million dollars and invest it into an index fund. The average return is 8% ( In the long-term 10+ years). So from that 1 million you’ll earn $80,000. You can’t spend all that money because you have taxes to pay + you need to reinvest some money because of inflation. So the amount of money you’ll actually get is 4%; which is $40,000. Not bad right. If you save 2 million dollars you’ll get to spend $80,000 a year!

A little about me & my goal

My name is John, I live in New Jersey. My goal is to save 1.5 million dollars; I currently save about 50% of my income, and I’m hoping to retire in about 13 years. My age is a secret ( Not really, do the math!).

I enjoy the outdoors, investing, and studying marketing. So basically I’m a pretty boring person!