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Financial indepence by 45

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This is a personal finance blog. I’ll be tracking my investments on this blog and trying to become financial independent.

You might be thinking whats financial Independence?

It’s not having to work! Financial Independence is when your investment income is high enough that you can live off your investments. Here’s an example of how it works:

You save 1 million dollars and invest it into an index fund. The average return is 8% ( In the long-term 10+ years). So from that 1 million you’ll earn $80,000. You can’t spend all that money because you have taxes to pay + you need to reinvest some money because of inflation. So the amount of money you’ll actually get is 4%; which is $40,000. Not bad right. If you save 2 million dollars you’ll get to spend $80,000 a year!

A little about me & my goal

My name is John, I live in New Jersey. My goal is to save 1.5 million dollars; I currently save about 50% of my income, and I’m hoping to retire in about 13 years. My age is a secret ( Not really, do the math!).

I enjoy the outdoors, investing, and studying marketing. So basically I’m a pretty boring person!

china economy

Chinese economic slowdown

I read this article on the Chinese economy recently:

Nothing new right, we’ve known for a while that the Chinese economy has been struggling, but now I’m a little worried about my own financial independence goals. As much as some people want to believe a weak Chinese economy isn’t good for America, or Americans for that matter. Stock prices worldwide will be affected long-term by a slowing China. Right now the majority of my money is in index funds ( Vanguard), and my investment income has average 8% (Long term). With a slowing china and global economy I wonder if 8% returns will be a realistic figure in 10-20 years. I hope so, but i have my doubts.

What do you think about a slowing Chinese economy? Think the days of 8%+ average returns over the long haul are gone, or do you think thing’s will be fine?

Let me know in the comments below.

Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

Why I Joined the Extreme Couponers Group

There are many things in life that I will bargain shop for but when it comes to my wedding, I’m not cutting any costs. My fiancé and I are tying the knot in eight months and because we are paying for the entire costs of the wedding, we have made major cutbacks in many areas of our life. This is only a temporary change to afford us a beautiful ceremony on the day we start our life together. So, we both think it’s absolutely worth it.

There is one change, however, that we both find to be working out really well and we may just continue this one long after the wedding. Extreme coupon is an addiction that pays you guys. For years, I would see people in the grocery stores with binders, two shopping carts and lists galore. It was a bit annoying I thought but now, I’m one of those people. In our attempts to save money, we both thought we’d try couponing and believe it or not, even my fiancé finds it to be rewarding. We grocery shop once every two weeks and spend about $55 monthly on groceries and household goods. We always eat in and therefore, cook a lot. The savings are massive.

I joined an extreme coupon group, purchased very cheap car insurance no deposit and we both terminated our gym memberships and work out on our own. We’ve managed to save about $575 extra per month, thanks to these changes. If we continue on this path, we will have saved more than $10,000 for our wedding. It’s a great feeling to know that we accomplished this through discipline and learned a few things along the way. In addition to those savings, I’ve started a coupon group that I manage and have my first class on next Saturday. I am accepting 15 people and already 12 have pre-registered at a cost of $30. This is yet another contribution to our savings plan and with any luck, it may be an extra stream of income for me as well.

I initially started the group and purchased very cheap insurance no deposit because I needed to save money but now, I think it’s become a way of life for me and my future spouse. We want to start a family soon and with the stockpile of household goods we have, we’ll definitely have enough detergent for those baby clothes and spills. I don’t need i’ll have to go to loan places near me anymore!

Quick story about tennis

This is an old story I wanted to share with the world

I must have been ten years old at the time. I was walking along with my tennis partner Julie when a sweet voice from behind stunned us. “Can I give you give me tips to improve my tennis play?” asked the petite young girl who was standing right behind us.

I didn’t know what to say, I told her to come tomorrow and I would think of tips for her to improve her tennis play. Here are the 10 tennis tips I shared with the girl.

  1. Improve your weak backhand.
  2. Serve consistently well and reduce your speed a bit.
  3. Spend time, intermittently, to hit crosscourt backhands.
  4. Improve your footwork.
  5. Practice with better players.
  6. Play a tournament, if possible or at least, explore the possibilities.
  7. Exploit your opponent’s weaknesses.
  8. Take care of your diet.
  9. Play your strongest shots.
  10. Take plenty of fluids and preferably an energy bar as well while playing.

Now that I am 40 years of age, I have read many articles giving tips for improving your tennis. Some of those have been superbly researched and written pieces as well. But let me tell you honestly that while I have immensely benefited from those tips to improve my tennis, I have equally benefited by following the simple ten tips given above.



Getting cheap car insurance in NJ

Okay, so I’ve been overpaying for car insurance for a long time but I’ve been to lazy to do anything about that.

But today was different, I did something I should of done a long time ago. Found a new insurance provider.

I;ve been with the same insurance company for over 6 years, and every single year my rates have been going up. For no reason at all!

And every year I say ” I’ll find a new insurance company”.

Well I finaly did it. I found a great site: I used it to find cheap auto insurance in NJ.

I was able to bring down my insurance cost by about 33%. Amazing savings for the time it took me to get a quote, talk with an agent and change providers.

Now I feel bad for not doing this years ago. I would have saved thousands of dollars over the years if I did this before.

So my advice to you: Compare insurance today!


Chiropractic SEO – Hire my friend

Okay as you guy’s already know one I study SEO part-time, and do part-time freelance work. One of my good friends has started their own SEO company specializing in Chiropractic SEO and Chiropractic Marketing. His company is called

If you’re a chiropractor, or know one I highly recommend checking out my buddy’s SEO service. I don’t usually recommend anyone, but my buddy has really helped me out, and I NEED to return the favour.chiropractic seo

I don’t like to advertise on my Blog, so I don’t normally recommend people!

Okay, now that we’re done with that lets talk about financial independence. I’ve had some setbacks lately, which I will be going over in another post, so stay tuned!

I lost $30,000 in one day…..

P.S if you’re looking for an SEO that isn’t specilized I highly recommend:

guaranteed seo

Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization is a SCAM

As some of you may know, I study marketing part-time. In particular SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

I even do freelance work, well occasionally. A client I worked with had hired someone to work for them before, usually charing $100-200 for SEO. SEO is not cheap, $100-200 is nothing. But the companies would also give some crazy guarantee to my future clients. Then as you expect: Not deliver anything of value and drag out the billing as long as they could.

Not only that, but the work done was usually extremely shoddy, and paying me to fix it just costs them more money. So to anyone other their thinking of buying SEO, I recommend you read this: guaranteed search engine optimization is bullshit.

Great article, and will save you thousands of dollars. Don’t be cheap when you hire someone people. You don’t hire $5 dollar electricians or plumbers do you? Don’t pay peanuts for your marketing or you’ll regret it.

Well that’s my random blog post for the day. Do you guys work any odd jobs to make extra money?

P.S on the bright side, at least I found this pretty awesome YouTube SEO guide.